How To- Set up your shop so there are less unbilled hours, less downtime, and less time taken to load and unload equipment

Having a streamlined shop setup is one technique a company can do to increase productivity.  A more organized equipment setup increases productivity of crews, which in turn increases profits.  Equipment organization in the yard and shop as well as on company trucks and trailers can increase productivity.  It will also result in less unbilled hours, and more efficient systems and procedures.

However, creating an organized shop setup is often time consuming and can be difficult for employees to follow.

Invisi-Tag is a mobile asset-tracking device that is available on your smartphone device.  It is an electronic checklist that shows all equipment that is currently on the truck or in the warehouse. With this mobile app, the crew will be able to see all items on the truck before they leave, as well as items that are missing.  Crews will no longer lose time on a job from being unable to locate items in the shop or the truck. 

Invisi-Tag will allow you to have equipment for jobs set and ready to go.  It will take less time in the morning to load the trucks due to the fact that Invisi-Tag makes it easy to view all equipment on a vehicle.  Crews will be able to see exactly what needs to be loaded, and there is no guesswork.  At the end of the day crews can verify that all of the equipment is on the truck, and none was left at the job site.  This way, crews do not have to stay later going back to pick up forgotten equipment.

Taking inventory is a procedure that is daunting and time consuming for many companies.  It relies heavily on paper processes, and can easily be affected by human error.  If a shop is not well set up, taking inventory will take even longer than usual.  Invisi-Tag streamlines the inventory processes completely, making it simple to do inventory in less than a minute.  The possibility of human error is completely eliminated, as well as the possibility of an incomplete inventory due to the fact that electronic sensors working in the background do all of the work for you.

Making sure all equipment documents are organized, and readily available is crucial to having an efficient shop.  However, it is usually difficult to implement a good system.  Many companies rely on large filing cabinets, which take up space, become easily disorganized, and are time consuming to look through. 

Sigilo Fleet Management is a mobile app that stores all equipment information.  Having equipment documents such as maintenance history, repair history, and warranty details at your fingertips means that you can completely eliminate large filing cabinets full of disorganized papers.  Also, if a piece of equipment is due for maintenance you will know ahead of time, rather than when it’s too late.  This will make the shop set up more effective and you can customize it to easily get equipment in and out. There is no longer a reason to sift through paper folders searching for specific equipment information, making your shop unorganized.  Sigilo will streamline equipment processes and make looking for equipment information much easier.

Productivity can be lost when there is not an organized system in place to track equipment.  If important equipment goes missing then there is usually no choice but to have employees stop what they are doing to search for them.   Not only can tools go missing in the shop or yard, but they can get stolen as well. Senal Geo Tracking is a mobile GPS tracking system available on your smartphone.  It can be used to track any important tool or piece of equipment. Senal’s sensors are constantly working in the background, so you always know where your valuable equipment and machines are.  This will streamline how quickly your crews are able to load trucks before jobs, and it will reduce downtime significantly.







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