How To: Improve Productivity Through Efficient Systems & Procedures

Having efficient and effective procedures in place is a key to maintaining a business that is profitable and productive.  Reducing leakage is a key part of making this happen.  Leakage can be defined as any sort of inefficiency in operations that cannot be fixed. 

Companies use various methods to try and fix leakage.  One way is training employees more effectively.  This method usually doesn’t work because employees cannot always be relied on to stay long-term- they can leave or get promoted.  Training also takes up extra time and effort.  Paper processes are another method that companies use; however, these can be inconsistent and over time the emphasis placed on them is reduced.  Written policies and procedures may seem like an effective way to solve leakage.  In many companies however, the emphasis placed on them is reduced as time goes on, and there is a wide margin for individual interpretation of the policies and procedures.

ETS provides innovative and easy to use methods for eliminating leakage in organizations. All of our systems are available on smartphones; this is technology that your employees already use and embrace in their personal lives.  There is no training necessary, which increases employee productivity right from the start.  ETS systems completely eliminate the possibility of human error.

Forgotten equipment is a major cause for frustration in many companies.  Getting all the way to a job site before realizing you forgot something, and then needing to turn around is a waste of valuable time.  It significantly reduces the productivity of crews, which in turn affects the quality of your employees’ work. 

Invisi-Tag is an innovative system that provides your crews with an electronic checklist.  The electronic checklist is available on a smartphone or tablet, which many employees already know how to use. With our mobile app, the crew will be able to see all items on the truck before they leave, as well as items that are not there (or are there that aren’t supposed to be).   Crews will no longer lose time on a job from being unable to locate and track critical tools and equipment.

Taking inventory is a procedure that is daunting and time consuming for many companies.  It relies heavily on paper processes, and can easily be affected by human error.  Invisi-Tag streamlines the inventory processes completely, making it simple to do inventory in less than a minute.  The possibility of human error is completely eliminated, as well as the possibility of an incomplete inventory due to the fact that electronic sensors working in the background do all of the work for you.

Another issue that managers struggle with is employee accountability.  If a tool goes missing, sometimes it can be hard to figure out the employee or crew responsible.  Invisi-Tag solves this problem by allowing jobs to be assigned to specific employees.  This way, if anything goes missing, the correct person will be held accountable.  Having this system in place will increase employee’s productivity, because they know that they can be held accountable for discrepancies.

There are many ways to organize jobs on Invisi-Tag’s app, and cloud-computing capabilities are available as well.  This way, all reports are available on any device at any time.  Crews will no longer waste time driving back to the shop to pick up forgotten tools.  Their productivity will be significantly increased, as well as profits overall.

Companies have a variety of systems in place when it comes to organizing equipment data such as repair and maintenance information or warranty information.  Usually these involve stacks of files that are easy to misplace, and that can easily become disorganized.  Sigilo Fleet Management is a mobile app that allows you to store all important equipment information that is critical to operations.  It is completely paperless, and allows you to have important information at your fingertips whenever you need it. Sigilo provides all maintenance and repair information, so you can know ahead of time when a piece of equipment is due for repairs.  Sigilo will also increase your productivity due to the fact that you will not have to spend hours searching for these papers when you need them.

Productivity can be lost when there is not a good system in place to track equipment.  If important equipment goes missing then there is usually no choice but to have employees stop what they are doing to search for them.  Senal Geo Tracking is a mobile GPS tracking system available on your smartphone.  It can be used to track any important tool or piece of equipment. Senal’s sensors are constantly working in the background, so you always know where your valuable equipment and machines are.