How To: Train your staff so there are less mistakes & faster production times

Many managers can agree that well trained employees are critical to having a business that runs smoothly. Training employees helps to ensure that they know the ins and outs of their job.  Ideally, doing this creates less mistakes and rework, and faster production times in your crews.  However, training has downsides as well.  Having a training system in place can be inconvenient when employee turnover happens.  Employees cannot be relied on to stick around forever; often times they leave or get promoted, and then the process has to start all over again.  Not only does it take a lot of time, but also can be costly.

ETS systems are the solution to ending the cycle of training employees.  All of our systems use smartphone technology- technology which many employees already know how to use, and embrace in their personal lives.  Having these systems in place means that the amount of time you need to spend training employees is minimal. All ETS systems are completely paperless, and have electronic sensors that are constantly working in the background of your operations.  This eliminates the possibility of human error in your operations.

Organization of equipment is a procedure that varies from company to company.  Proper equipment procedures are often time consuming to teach, and mistakes are easy to make.  When the proper protocol is not followed when organizing equipment items can go missing or be forgotten.  Not only does this cause frustration, but it also diminishes profits due to the fact that employees are not able to devote their full attention to the job.

Invisi-Tag is a mobile app that acts as an electronic checklist.  It works by keeping an automatic inventory of every item in a truck or in the warehouse.  In the app you are able to assign jobs and responsibilities to each employee.  Having an Invisi-Tag system in place will increase productivity while decreasing mistakes of your employees. 

First, crews will be faster when unloading and loading vehicles.  This will increase productivity at job sites, ensuring more quality work. With Invisi-Tag, employees will also understand that there is no way tools will be forgotten or stolen; thus, they will be held accountable if equipment goes missing. Invisi-Tag can act as an incentive system for employees as well.  Since all of the guesswork of checking equipment is eliminated, employees will be able to focus on completing each job quickly. You can use this as an incentive for them to leave earlier in the day, and in turn reducing your payroll costs.

The way companies track equipment is another aspect of operations that requires training of employees.  Not only is it time consuming, but also there is much room for error.  Tracking expensive equipment can be difficult due to the fact that if there is not a good system in place, employees will have to waste valuable time searching for missing equipment.

Senal Geo Tracking is a GPS tracking device that is constantly working in the background of your operations.  Senal virtually eliminates the possibility of your expensive tools and equipment going missing.  Instead of training employees on unreliable procedures that can still be affected by human error, Senal requires almost no training, and there is no room for human error.  This way, employees can spend more time doing their jobs, and you will be able to spend less time and money training them.

Keeping track of important equipment information is critical to making sure your machines are running properly and efficiently at all times. Being able to service your equipment correctly and on time benefits your company by being able to maintain production rates. Yet, it can sometimes be a challenge for employees to understand which information is important and when.  Training employees on this is not only time consuming, but expensive. If something goes wrong with a piece of equipment employees usually end up having to search through piles of papers for warranty details.  Plus, since it is difficult to train employees, technicians may not be experts at knowing when equipment is due for maintenance.

Sigilo Fleet Management is a mobile app that allows you to store all equipment information on your mobile device.  This app is easy to use and simplifies equipment management, in addition to the fact that there is no training required, a no room for human error.  It can store information such as maintenance history, repair history, and warranty information all in an electronic file format. Employees and technicians will have access to equipment history at all times.



Longer Work Weeks – The impact of more sales can outweigh overtime costs

Being able to make valuable use of employees is a goal for every manager.  Having employees work their maximum potential (longer hours) increases output in your company, which hopefully increases profits.  However, getting to a point where you have enough financial assets to be able to pay overtime can sometimes be difficult.  If profits in your company are not strong enough, the ability to pay overtime is just not feasible.  This puts a strain on you as a manager because you have no choice but to shorten workweeks in order to accommodate payroll.  The only way to be able to afford these extra costs is to increase sales in your company.

ETS asset management systems will increase profits in your operations.  ETS tracking devices are designed to save your company time and money as well.  These wireless asset-tracking systems will increase your crews’ productivity with minimal cost to you as a manager due to the fact that they require minimal training.

Forgotten equipment is a major cause for of decreased productivity in many companies.  Getting all the way to a job site before realizing you forgot something, and then needing to turn around is a waste of valuable time- time that you are paying your employees for! Invisi-Tag is an innovative system that provides your crews with an electronic checklist.  The electronic checklist is available as an app on a smartphone or tablet (technology many people already know how to use). With Invisi-Tag’s mobile app, the crew will be able to see all items on the truck before they leave, meaning they will no longer lose time on a job from being unable to locate and track critical tools and equipment.  Being able to spend the proper amount of time on a job ensures quality work, pleasing customers and increasing your sales.

Companies have a variety of systems in place when it comes to organizing equipment data (repair and maintenance information or warranty information).  Usually these involve stacks of files that are easy to misplace, and that can easily become disorganized.  Employees end up having to waste time searching for these documents at the last minute, wasting time- namely, payroll.  Sigilo Fleet Management is a mobile app that allows you to store all important equipment information that is critical to operations.  It is completely paperless, and allows you to have important information at your fingertips whenever it is needed. Since Sigilo stores all maintenance and repair information, you will know ahead of time when a piece of equipment is due for repair.  This will decrease equipment downtime, which will increase output in your operations.  Not only will Sigilo increase sales, but Sigilo will also increase productivity due to the fact that employees will not have to spend hours searching for important papers when you need them.

Productivity can be lost when there is not a good system in place to track equipment.  If important equipment goes missing then there is usually no choice but to have employees stop what they are doing to search for them.  This is a huge waste of time and productivity. Senal Geo Tracking is a mobile GPS tracking system available on smartphone devices.  It can be used to track any important tool or piece of equipment. Senal’s sensors are constantly working in the background, so you always know where your valuable equipment and machines are.  This way, employees will never have to waste time searching for missing equipment again.

With ETS systems in place, gross profit will begin to increase in your company.  If it costs less for your company to do a job, you can decrease the prices you charge customers.  Having a competitive pricing structure is important for every company because it is appealing to potential customers; therefore this will increase sales.  The impact of more sales can outweigh having to pay overtime, allowing you the ability to have longer work weeks in your company.

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