Outsourcing Equipment Maintenance- Reducing billable hours lost to equipment maintenance

Having a process in place for equipment maintenance is important for ensuring that your operations are running at maximum output at all times. Periodic equipment checks will make sure that you will not run into unexpected problems.  An important part of equipment maintenance is being able to outsource; having your employees do repairs on equipment decreases their productivity and increases billable hours that are lost to equipment maintenance.

Yet, when it comes to equipment maintenance and repairs companies can experience a multitude of issues.  Maintenance history, repair history, and warranty details are all documents that are usually stored in a paper file format.  These can become quickly disorganized, and when employees have to stop and search through pile of papers, it becomes a huge loss of productivity.  Often times, they are not checked at all because it is too much of a hassle to search for.   At this point, if a machine breaks down your crews are left having to do repairs that you otherwise could have been able to outsource.  This leads to valuable hours wasted on equipment maintenance that should have been spent focusing on their jobs.

Sigilo Fleet Management is a mobile app that stores all important equipment information to your smartphone.  Having equipment documents such as maintenance history, repair history, and warranty details at your fingertips means that you will know exactly when equipment is due for maintenance.  The app uses NFC (Nearfield Communication) technology to communicate with a chip on your equipment and your smartphone.  There is no room for human error, thus taking the guesswork out of equipment maintenance. 

If a piece of equipment is due for maintenance you will know ahead of time, rather than when it’s too late.  This will make it easier to outsource your equipment maintenance rather than needing your employees to do it. There is no longer a reason to sift through paper folders searching for specific equipment information, making your shop unorganized.  Sigilo will streamline equipment processes and make looking for equipment information much easier.

When you know ahead of time a piece of equipment is due for repair, you are able to set up an appointment if necessary.  This will ensure that you are not stuck without anyone available to do repairs if equipment breaks down unexpectedly. Also, you will save money by not having to schedule an emergency appointment to get your equipment fixed last minute.  You will be able to see where equipment has been repaired in the past, and arrange to have it repaired there again.   In general, downtime will be cut (if any), and output in your operations can be at its maximum.

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