Faster & More Productive Equipment: New Equipment, Less Breakdowns, and Better Production Rates

Keeping track of important equipment information is critical to making sure your machines are running properly and efficiently at all times.  Warranty details as well as maintenance and repair history should be available at all times to ensure this.  Being able to service your equipment correctly and on time benefits your company by being able to maintain production rates.  Not only does this satisfy customers, but also gives you an advantage against the competition. 

Yet, it can sometimes be a challenge for employees to understand which information is important and when.  Training employees is not only time consuming, but expensive as well. The common way to store equipment information is in paper format in large (and often disorganized) filing systems.  If something goes wrong with a piece of equipment employees end up having to search through piles of papers for warranty details.  Plus, since it is time consuming to locate repair and maintenance information in a traditional paper filing system, technicians often have to guess when equipment is due for maintenance.  Not only does this create longer equipment downtimes, but it may also require emergency purchasing of parts and equipment- which can be costly.

Sigilo Fleet Management is a mobile app that allows you to store all equipment information on your mobile device.  This app is easy to use and simplifies equipment management and organization.  It can store information such as maintenance history, repair history, and warranty information all in an electronic file format.  Having this information available at your fingertips benefits all aspects of your operations- managers, crews, and equipment.  It allows your employees to be more productive, and also holds them accountable.  Employees and technicians will have access to equipment history at all times.

Sigilo uses Nearfield Communication (NFC) technology to send data between a microchip on your equipment and the smartphone.  It does this completely wirelessly.  After placing a small chip onto equipment, the user simply waves the smartphone over the chip; from there the data is captured in the smartphone, and you are able to edit and save additional information directly in the app.

Having fleet information on a smartphone device has many benefits.  It requires minimal training due to the fact that many employees already know how to use smartphones and tablets.  Sigilo completely eliminates the need for paper equipment records, meaning employees will not have to waste time searching through files for equipment information.  When maintenance, repair, and warranty information is streamlined, then there will be less equipment downtime resulting in better production rates.

Sigilo Fleet Management will significantly change how your company operates- for the better.  Managers will be able to spend less time training employees, and employees will be able to spend more time working.  Diagnosing problems with equipment will no longer be left up to guesswork, and employees will not have to waste productivity by searching for equipment paperwork. Technicians will be able to fix equipment malfunctions quickly and correctly, getting your equipment back up and running sooner.  All of these actions will increase your profits; not only will there will be additional money available for you to be able to invest in new equipment, but it will keep your current equipment functioning at it’s maximum potential.